Marissa Farrar Titles

Now available to buy: 'The Company of the Dead' by Marissa Farrar. Only $2.99 from Amazon.

A collection of six, terrifying stories of the paranormal.

In 'The Tunnel', men digging beneath the English Channel discover a strange, coffin-like box buried deep beneath the sea. In 'The Tortured Room', a drug addict wakes up in the middle of a nightmare. In 'Stained', A young girl traumatized by the large birthmark on one side of her face, discovers the cure is more terrifying than the affliction... And more!

Also now available to buy: 'The Body Farm' by Marissa Farrar. Only $0.99 from Amazon.

Doctor Eleanor Armitage is under no illusions that people find her job to be macabre. That she spends her days surrounded by the dead would be understood had she been a funeral director or even a forensic pathologist. But Eleanor studies the life-cycles of insect on decomposing bodies at the Forensic Anthropology Center--an acre of ground where bodies are left in various conditions to decompose for science.

Working late one night with her colleague Robert Dane, they discover a couple of the bodies in the grounds have been disturbed. When they head out to try to figure out who has been tampering with the bodies, one of the dead begins to move. 

Trapped in a high-security research center, enclosed by ten feet, razor-wire topped walls, they find themselves surrounded by the living dead. Suddenly Eleanor has to learn if her science is enough to save their lives...

Now available to buy: The Dark Road by Marissa Farrar, only $3.99 from Amazon.

What starts as an adventure for Sasha Mills turns into a terrifying fight for survival...
Emotionally blackmailed by the cold-footed fiancĂ© she hasn’t seen in a year, Sasha abandons her life in London to track him in Siem Reap, Cambodia, where he’s teaching.
While in Bangkok, locals react strangely to her request to travel the following day, insisting it is a not a good day to travel despite numerous posters advertising buses running every day.  Ignoring the warnings, Sasha assumes some kind of bank holiday and offers a large amount of money. She secures a seat on the solitary bus heading for Siem Reap.
Thrown together with a random group of international backpackers, including the handsome Josh, Sasha is no longer certain of what lies ahead as they cross the Cambodian border and the roads turn into dirt tracks.
Soon after, a storm like none she’s ever witnessed before descended upon them. When one of their group disappears off the side of the road, Sasha realizes she has more than just the warnings of land mines to worry about.
One by one, the travelers lose their minds as they are plunged into the terrifying secrets of the Dark Road.